When you’re planning to replace the current roof of your house or trying to build a new home, you’ve got a couple of options when it comes to the roof of your property. However, the most common options are flat roofs and sloped roofs.  

Both sloped and flat roofs have their pros and cons. So, how should you choose the best roof for you? Should you go with a flat roof or a sloped roof? 

When it comes to selecting the best type of roof for your home, here are a couple of things you should know before hiring a New Jersey roofing contractor: 

Difference Between a Sloped Roof and a Flat Roof 

As the name implies, a sloped roof is pitched or angled. On the other hand, a flat roof is a flat surface. Typically, you can see flat roofs in urban places with modern design concepts. 

Meanwhile, you can usually see sloped roofs on traditional single-family houses. Before you make your decision, you have to consider their benefits and drawbacks.  

Should You Pick a Sloped Roof? 

Choosing between a flat and a sloped roof varies on what details are most vital to you.  

Sloped Roofs Need Less Maintenance 

Because sloped roofs do not accumulate water, they typically need less maintenance over their lifespan. Also, you can easily replace shingles on a sloped roof compared to resealing a flat roof or fixing a damaged membrane.  

To prevent moisture from seeping in, flat roofs require a waterproof seal. This needs maintenance to guarantee that it is properly working. 

Sloped Roofs are Great for Snowy Regions 

By design, flat roofs enable snow and rain to pool on the surface. They can also create ice dams. If you don’t get rid of water within 2 days, the roof can spring leaks and cause structural damage to your house.  

On the other hand, sloped roofs enable the natural runoff of water. In addition to that, there is less possibility for ice dams to form in sloped roofs.  

Sloped Roofs Have a Longer Lifespan 

Depending on the climate of your region and the material, a sloped roof can last for around 30-50 years. When it comes to flat roofs, they only last for around 12-15 years maximum. 

Should You Choose a Flat Roof? 

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose flat roofs, from sky-high gardens to energy savings. 

Flat Roofs Appear More Modern 

With their minimalist look and clean lines, flat roofs are sometimes installed in modern-looking houses. A flat roof is your best bet if you want to achieve a modern appearance.  

Flat Roofs are Easy to Clean 

While flat roofs need more maintenance in general, you can easily do it compared to having a sloped roof. In addition to that, they are also easy to assess. 

Flat Roofs are More Energy-Efficient 

A couple of homeowners choose flat roofs because professionals consider them more energy efficient. According to the Department of Energy, flat roofs are cool roofs. They are also more solar-panel friendly since you can position the panels in a way that captures more sunlight.